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You Have the Power to Transform Lives!

When Adrian was only 11 months old, doctors found cancer in his legs. At such an early age, he had to have both of his legs amputated below the knee.

Over time it became normal for Adrian to walk on his knees but it made him look like a dwarf. After Adrian received his new LIMBS prosthetic legs, he became a new person.

"Today for the first time in my life I can talk to someone at eye level."

Two years after his fitting, Adrian can do activities he never thought possible such as riding horses and motorcycles. You can help more amputees like Adrian regain hope and be able to fully participate in their families and communities.

In the developing world, mobility is the key to survival. A LIMBS leg is a miracle for needy amputees. This holiday season, you have the power to transform a life by giving a gift that transforms lives.

A new prosthetic leg provides hope for a brighter future.

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